Documentation - FAQ
  • Q.: Installation
    A.: You can find the installation instructions in the module files sent to you.
  • Q.: Does your module include language support?
    A.: Our module prepared in Turkish and English, you can select the language in module settings that you want to use.
  • Q.: Can i test your module before buying it?
    A.: Yes, you can take your trial licence online on our "Free Trial" page.
  • Q.: Are version updates paid?
    A.: No, version updates are completely free. You don't lose your existing data when you update.
  • Q.: How will i know there is an update?
    A.: You will be notified via e-mail when new version released.
  • Q.: Adding Pages
    A.: You can add a page with "Add New Page" link on module management page in your admin panel. Examples of the information areas in adding page;
    Page: (You need to enter a name of page name here: for example "index.php")
    Title: You need to enter a "title" that you want to appear on the page title: for example "Aktif Bilisim - Home page Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting"
    Keywords: Enter keywords here: for example "vps hosting, vps host, ücretsiz host, linux hosting, web hosting, reseller hosting"
    Description: Enter description information here: for example "The best web hosting provider"
  • Q.: Do i have to enter them on each dynamic pages?
    A.: No, for example after entering seo informations to cart.php, sub-categories like cart.php?gid=1 will work with entered informations added before on cart.php automatically. Another great feature of our module is using both this feature and making difference by adding custom seo informations in the pages that added for product groups such as cart.php?gid=15.
  • Q.: Everything is very nice, but if i change my domain, do i have to buy your module again?
    A.: Of course not, you can manage your licence online over by logging in your customer panel.
  • Q.: Is it required to install something special to use your module?
    A.: No, our module is just encrypted with IONCUBE. It works on servers that you can use WHMCS System.
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