WHMCS Seo Addon Features
Approach to the top in search engines, you need to have an original content and meta tags. WHMCS SEO MODULE is able to interfere all of your pages inside admin panel of WHMCS easily, you could specify different titles, descriptions and keywords for different pages! Obtain more visitors and customers!

With the plugin that makes it possible to enter and manage different titles and meta tags for each pages, you could make your site appropriate for google and other search engine bots. Creating Unlimited Pages You could create unlimited pages through your management panel. All you need to do is entering page extension and the meta tags you want to enter Different meta informations on every single page Every single page you create is able to contain different title, description and keywords, so that it provides a great seo optimization! Advanced "Announcements" Headlines Headlines of published announcements are turned into SEO optimization compatible. Moreover, you could make difference by entering custom informations to announcements. Advanced "Product" Headlines You could provide your product pages and product groups to appear on upper stages in search engines by specifying custom meta tags. Furthermore, you could make difference by specifying your custom keywords on creating pages for your products and product groups! Applicable to All Sub-Categories You could enter same meta informations for your dynamic pages which have the same file name, also if you want, you could enter different meta informations for your dynamic pages which have the same file name and called by different url. Improved Frequently Asked Questions Articles and texts* in your frequently asked questions archive could be shown inside the page, page titles and as keywords and description. In this way, you could obtain visitors with your faq archive, too!
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