Gizlilik Politikamız
These privacy policy was prepared by WHMCSLAB for determination of responsibilities of WHMCSLAB. Following substances includes information collection and distrubition on website. We will use your IP address for elimination problems on our servers and to manage our website.

Our users have to enter contact their information(name, address, phone, email address, etc.) and all other requested informations in registration form of our control panel. Contact informations filled in this form is used for our users processes such as domain informations, emergency situations and delivery of bills. Users have us delete records depending on their requests. Financial informations will be used for charging the cost of products and/or services and in other required cases. Personal information is used when users log in the system and in other required cases for verification the identity of a person. Statistical information and profile data is also collected at our site. These informations can be used in required cases, monitoring the movements of visitors and in cases of providing private content.

Our site also contains links to other sites. is not responsible about other sites content and privacy policy.

Security On our site, there are precautions by our company for an unauthorized using and modification of informations. Precautions are; 1- Owing to Credit Card charging with SSL Certificate, your credit card information is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer and transmitted to our bank. 2- Credit card number is never saved. Used credit card number when you made transaction can not reachable by us to know credit card number, this is a process with our bank and you, so this process is secret between you and our bank. 3- Our site works with worldwide standarts, Windows 2003, CentOS, FreeBSD Server. All known latest shields are installed and followed everytime for security reasons.

Correction/Renewal Our users have right to change all of their informations whenever they wanted.
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