This contract includes whmcs module sales carried out over only www.whmcslab.com , www.whmcstema.com , www.aktiftema.com , www.whmcslisans.com , whmcsseoaddon.com, seoaddon.com, whmcsseoaddon.net, seoaddon.net.

1. Purchased modules bought by a person or corporation can not be sold to any person or corporation with any reason.

2. Purchased whmcs modules bought from WHMCSLAB can not be refunded or changed to another product.

3. Products that has copyright of WHMCSLAB are forbidden to sold or presented anywhere and anywise even it includes reference.

4. Payment of modules has to be made in advance and cash.

5. WHMCSLAB can not share customer informations with 3rd parties when giving technical support of sold product/products.

6. Module technical support is given if there is a problem with the modules.

7. When asked for an assistance for custom circumstances, WHMCSLAB applies a special fee for performing of relevant service such as design placement.

8. WHMCSLAB has rights changing stocks and prices of all modules.

9. WHMCSLAB does not give technical support which is relavant with additional service providers.

10. Each customer who gets services on the website is deemed to have accepted these conditions.
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